1. 100% employment ship
  2. 100% digitalization 
  3. No prostitution
  4. No Wine/ Drugs
  5. No Beggar


National Centre for Modernizing of General Circumstances (NCMGC) is a registered Trust. The trust is working on the project for the grass root development of India. The project is working in the national level, for the development of backward peoples. The NCMGC is working to solve outthe various serious problems permanently. The structure, team and the approachment towards the programmemay give a U-turn to the India. The project is focusing on the basic needs of the general public all across the country.The NCMGC is working to put digital hubs in each and every Grampanchyats all across India. In each and every Grampanchyat the basic needs like food, health, education, general services, textiles, FMCG is being provided to the rural people of India. We do train 15 persons from each Grampanchyat. We are providing the intensive vocational training to the people of the concern unit by the expert trainers. The hub is designed in an extra ordinary and highly advanced way. By the help of the Hub, the people from the Grampanchyat can be facilitated by all these facilities provided by the Digital hubs. By the use of the Digital Hubs, the living condition will be growing mentally and physically day by day. The thought process, of the public of rural division can be changed by giving the latest hospitality and comfort zone in the day to day life.In this Hub structure from a grampanchyats 15 people are given the way to do income generating activity, all across India in more than 2,38,000 Grampanchyats about 35,70,000 people can be engaged in various working programmes directly near their home place.The NCMGC starting soon on the various sectors like agriculture, storage, food processing, retails, manufacturing. The approachment and the process of work towards each sector are extensively and highly innovative and advanced by the technology.


The mission of NCMGC is to reach each and every gram panchants of India. The mission of NCMGC is to work on the every possible sector for the goodness of the general public. The main focus of NCMGC is to give extensive trainings to the youth to do the income generating activities. The vocational training programmes includes within the following areas like food, health,education, on-line services, textiles, FMCG, water sanitation and hygiene. The mission of NCMGC is to bring the public to the main stream of development. As per the need of the village level people the NCMGC will make the arrangements of the same for giving a better life in the village areas.


The NCMGC has a national vision to keep peace all across the country. NCMGC is designed to keep co-ordination among the Indians. NCMGC is working in each and every state and to bring a brotherhood relationship all across India. The NCMGC is working to bring everyone under one umbrella and to move towards a single direction. NCMGC has aim to improve living conditions of poor and marginalized population groups. By enforcing the NCMGC, those must have a direct impact on the living conditions of the target group. NCMGC hasoutlined its Vision for the India of tomorrow which resonates with the people’s philosophy of development. The comprehensive vision laid out by NCMGC builds on the India’s rich social and cultural diversity, tradition and customs.

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