A man from the most backward district of India wants to do the change from the grass root level. After continuous efforts and many obstacles, gradually at last when achieves a strong public support all across India, for the change. It makes a clear view that my Country is changing and we are in the track of continuous development.

I (WE – The Team) created a National Platformto make India great again.By this journey, I learnedlots more things to make it possible, whatever the problems came in my life, I worked on those only, as the same problems must not come before my Young Fellow Indians. By the blessings of my Godly Parents and the inspiration of our Honorable Prime Minister Sri NarendraModi, just to do something for my lovely Country, made an effort for a U- turn in India that is “National Centre for Modernizing of General Circumstances” (NCMGC).

I wish every Indian must stay in peace and safe. Every problems of all the general public can be solved. The persons going in the wrong way must come to the right way, and earn their earnings in a positive way. The negative activities can be totally zero. The entire young persons will get employment in their own place. No one have no any need to stay at afar from the parents, home and family. All the females will work with peace without any pressure and fear. The golden days are very near to Indians.

The revolutionary change from Kashmir to Kanyakumari is the prior aspire of NCMGC. This is the time is to make India best place in the world. The general public from rural areas shall make digital their own places. The food, health, education, employment, society, industry, pollution, population, migration are the basic focused areas of NCMGC to work on it. I am dedicating NCMGC to my Nation. It is the time to make solutions, not to think about the problems. Let work together to make India great again.

I have a wish to bring all the International Organizations like WTO, WHO, UNISSCO,UNICEF, IMF, WORLD BANK, UNITED NATIONS, ILO, Interpol, G20, ITU, OECD, BIS, ICJ etc under the control of India. And we are on the track, as the whole world must have to follow India only, in future.

Jai Hind..

Jai Bharat..