Hemalata Homage

Hemalata Homage is a wing of National Center for Modernizing of General Circumstances (NCMGC) for the reform of the various persons who are bit ignored by the society.  Hemalata Homage is purely dedicated organization for the poor of India. By the direct and sharp instructions of NCMGC, for the social reform and empowerment the NCMGC has taken the following persons categorically :

            Physically Disabled Persons



            Old-aged Persons


Third Gender Persons

The above categorical people are being provided the proper training as per their interest and ability. These above people can get an engagements foe the whole life time and back to the right flow of life and can lead a dignified life. These persons are also Human Beings and they are either by God or forcefully by some conditions of life they have gone through the very pathetic situations of life. It is the responsibility of us only to bring every Indian, whoever may be, to the main flow of life.  

As, these persons will stand on their own. India will certainly change in a concrete way to be a GOLDEN BIRD. To manage and to handle various types of above persons Hemalata Homage will take care to bring a new morning in their life by the supervison and support of NCMGC.